Friday, January 28, 2011

Feeling every emotion possible

So, I'm full term now which makes me so happy! I can't wait to meet my little girl and have her be a part of our family. But, I am also so nervous on so many levels! This pregnancy has been hard, maybe even harder than it was with Joshua. We moved across the country, I was sick for so long, no friends, Kevin is gone a lot, etc. I have been ready for baby girl to make her entrance since about 8 weeks. Like I've said before, I'm just not good at being pregnant.

My delivery with Joshua was pretty easy. From the time my water broke to birth was only 4 hours. I got my epidural as soon as I walked in the hospital and I was good to go. I have been looking forward to another easy delivery but unfortunately it looks as though that is not the case. Baby girl is stubborn and won't turn herself around. On Monday, we schedule my appointment to go to the hospital to see if they can move her. If not, we plan a c-section. If she goes into distress during the ECV, I have an emergency c-section that day. If they do get her to flip, I go home and wait for labor. Two out of my three options are ending in a c-section which has me freaked out!

I have been stressing probably 80% of my days about having a c-section. I don't do well with a hangnail, how in the world am I going to survive someone cutting open my stomach? I am basically a wreck. Now, I don't want her to come out at all because I'm scared of the whole process, recovery, what it is going to do to my body. Ugggg. Please baby girl, turn around! Any positive c-section stories, send my way!

Like everyone I know with 2 kids, I am sad for the adjustment for Joshua. I know eventually it will be great, but right now I am his world. We spend every second together and that is about to change. He is so perfect for our family and I love him to pieces. I don't want bringing a new member into our family to be harder than it has to... another reason I am anti c-section.

As you can see, I am a little bit emotional right now. I have so many thoughts, feelings, and nervousness constantly circulating my brain as we are about to expand our wonderful family to four.


Dennis Swender said...

NO C-section! :-( I was worried a little that Edmund would be jealous about Mildred but we just made a point to keep him included. He got a little more clingy to Heidi but he didn't act out horribly or anything. Best wishes!!!

I would love to help coordinate some meals for you all... PLEASE let me know what happens so I can rally the troops!

sjlkjackson said...

Hey Lea, your cousin Stephanie here....I had a c-section with my second child and it went just fine. You do have to take it easy for a little bit longer, but it was not bad. I hope she turns for you before she comes. You have a beautiful family, can't wait to see pictures of your new addition!

Hiram, Tashina, Nora, and Hiram Dean said...

I strongly believe the Lord knows how and when each child needs to come into this world. I've learned to be grateful that we even have the knowledge and ability to do c-sections because they have saved many mother's and children's lives. Ideal? No. But a blessing nonetheless? Absolutely. Hang in there. It will all be over one way or another soon and when you look at your beautiful baby girl it won't matter anymore.

Shauna B. said...

Oh Lea!! I'm so sorry! I haven't had a c section but I've heard good things about them. Wasn't Josh in the NICU because he had meconium? At least that wouldn't happen with a c section. Plus you don't bleed as much cuz they suck everything out. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she turns ASAP!!

Love ya!!

Natalie Kay said...

Good luck with everything Lea! I know you can handle whatever happens!

And I can't wait to see pictures; your baby girl is going to be gorgeous!!

The Hunzikers said...

I had an emergency c-section, which obviously I wasn't crazy about. The scar isn't too bad. Mine was so hard to heal from BUT I had 16 hours of labor to recover from and from what I have heard, that makes it ten times worse so with a planned one I think it will be okay. My advice: take all the pain meds they give you. I tried to be brave and get away w/ half doses...not a good idea. My friendthat have had c-sections though say recovery wasn't too bad when it was planned. You'll do great whatever way she comes and I am sure she will be the cutest baby ever!!

One Blessed Chick said...

Hey girl! Sorry you have had such a hard time with this pregnancy. I had a rough pregnancy with Eric, so I totally understand. After 15 hours of labor I had to have a C-section, too. I was exhausted and had no alternative, but it was the best thing ever. My surgeon was great and I was out of the hospital in two days. Once home, I didn't even take a pain pill. Seriously. It was really no big deal. I got up and moved around a lot after and I think that may have helped. I don't think C-sections are all that bad, but I will be praying that baby girl turns for you so that you will not stress anymore. You are almost at the finish line and you can do this, no matter which way she decides to enter the world. :o)

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

I am positive that they will be successful at turning her around! and if for some odd reason she is still being stubborn don't worry! I know you will be just fine! My sister has C-sections every time and I am amazed at how she is up and around each time! Good luck! Can't wait for her to arrive!