Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daddy/ Joshua Trip

While in Maryland, Joshua was lucky enough to go on a daddy/ son date to Washington DC. They went to the Natural History museum and the Air and Space. He loved it! He got to ride the metro, which he loved, eat at McDonalds, and spend some quality time with his pops.

At the Air and Space Museum

December 27, 2010-23.jpg

While at Grandma's, one of Joshua's other favorite things to do was run around on the pool cover. It's bouncy like a huge trampoline.

December 31, 2010-52.jpg

December 31, 2010-54.jpg

We love going to Maryland and are so lucky we have been able to go so often!


Sheryl said...

You guys should live here. Joshua fits in so well with his amazing style.

The Peterson's said...

So fun to have time with Dad!