Thursday, November 18, 2010

Joshua's First Haircut

Joshua was in desperate need of a haircut so we took him to Cookie Cutters for his first haircut. We have been lost at what to do with his hair because it was super long and floppy but he still doesn't have a ton of it.

Getting ready, sitting in a car chair.


Mid cut.

The final product. What a cutie!


Sunday, November 14, 2010


We started by going to the Children's Museum haunted house. It was advertised as lights on for younger children so I thought it wouldn't be scary at all and Joshua would enjoy it. Too bad he got a little scared. I felt horrible. As we walked through he kept telling us how he didn't like it and was scared. But when we finished, some popcorn and a lollipop made everything better.

He chose to dress up as a race car driver that night, one of his 4 costume options.





Next, we carved pumpkins for family night. It was my first time carving a fun design and we didn't even get any pictures. I have become so bad about taking pictures. Joshua was so excited to do it and loved playing with the gunk, except if it touched him. He's hilarious about getting his hands messy.




Finally, on Halloween night we dressed Joshua up as an elephant because it was his warmest costume. Kevin walked him around to our neighbors while I passed out candy at home. He loved trick-or-treating and loved wearing his elephant except he did not want pictures. He ran away every time we tried to take one, so here is the best one. He was an adorable elephant though!