Friday, June 3, 2011

Avonlea Pearl: Blessed

On Sunday, May 22, our sweet baby girl Avonlea was given a wonderful blessing by Kevin.  We were fortunate to have Kevin's dad and my parents travel in for the occasion.  Kevin's good friend Graham and some friends in our ward were also able to be a part of the blessing.  Avonlea wore my blessing dress and looked like a doll in it.  It was such a wonderful day!


The luncheon.  


The decorations, which were a headache.  I was originally going to use the fabric balls I want to put in Avonlea's room but realized that was going to be pushing my time limit.  So, I decided to make some tissue balls.  I ordered the tissue online and when it came the day before, it was the wrong color.  So, I went scrambling around town trying to find some sort of substitute.  It ended up working out but I was definitely a bit stressed! 




Joshua was not excited to interrupt his playing time to take a picture.  He usually loves his picture but he had way to many friends to entertain him!  


Beautiful girlie!  Seriously, she looks like a doll here.  


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The Hunzikers said...

Oh my goodness--what a BEAUTIFUL little baby!!!

The Peterson's said...

Such a special moment to cherish! She is a cutie!

chelsmi said...

What a doll! Wish we could have been there.

Natalie Kay said...

I'm in love with your cute decorations! And where did you find the cute mason jar idea? Looks like it was a great day for Avenlea and your family!

Sheryl said...

love it all.

katie said...

SO precious! She looks like a doll! And LOVE the decor!

And, GREAT news about you coming here! We will have to get together.