Thursday, November 18, 2010

Joshua's First Haircut

Joshua was in desperate need of a haircut so we took him to Cookie Cutters for his first haircut. We have been lost at what to do with his hair because it was super long and floppy but he still doesn't have a ton of it.

Getting ready, sitting in a car chair.


Mid cut.

The final product. What a cutie!



chelsmi said...

So cute it hurts!

Montgomery Family said...

OMG, he is so cute!! Such a cute little face! And no matter how hard I look, I can't seem to see a baby belly on you at all. Not fair!

ME! said...

Your little guy is so handsome! I love the faux hawk!

Leslie said...

he's a handsome one!

The Peterson's said...

What a handsome little man!

The Hunzikers said...

Oh my gosh he is so cute!!!! And look at you!! Holy far along are you again, because I do not see a thing there!

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

he has got to be the cutest kiddo ever! I'm so excited that you are doing the pom poms! What type of fabric are you going to use! You'll have to let me know how they work our for you and send me a pic! Sure miss ya!

Shauna B. said...

That's so cute! I hope this was a long time ago because you look so skinny! Not fair!