Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In case you haven't heard...

We're moving!

Kevin has officially accepted a job as a corps member for Teach for America! This is exciting, scary, and sad all at the same time. We will be moving June 11 to Indianapolis. I've decided saying Indianapolis sounds a lot better than just Indiana. We will be there 2 years and then off to law school, hopefully at University of Pennsylvania.

Here are some of the good things about Indianapolis (I'm trying to be positive):
1. Hiram and Tashina are an hour or so away
2. Plane tickets to Maryland are fairly cheap
3. Kevin will be a great teacher
4. Indianapolis has a Trader Joe's and Utah does not
5. We're getting closer to the east coast!
6. Indianapolis is a reasonably priced place to live

Now things I'm sad about and going to miss:
1. Crazy, but Utah has been my home my whole adult life. It's bitter sweet to leave.
2. I love our house and for the next 5 years, we will definitely not be living in luxury.
3. Our amazing friends, neighbors, and family that we live so close to.
4. The list of our favorite restaurants (lame I know but I'm going to miss them)

So, goodbye Utah. We have 5 more weeks together. Love, the Tame's.

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McCall said...

scott interviewed at a school in indianapolis. he loved it. the cost of living is soooo cheap! the city is really clean and everything is so green. that is so exciting. congratulations! our ward will be so different this fall -- so many people are moving, its crazy!!!

The Peterson's said...

It will be fun to change it all up and move to a new place. Scary but you will love it. You will always have the most important thing with you and that is your family!

Cindi said...

Utah will miss you, too!!! Best wishes.

Shauna B. said...

OK, I am going to cry now! We'll miss you. I don't want to think of our ward with everyonr gone.


i'm soooo sad!!!!!

Wendle said...

Oh my gosh! This is crazy! I can't believe you are moving to Indianapolis! We'll have to discuss this in detail when you get out here soon. This is great. Hal and Josh can become best friends for a month :)

Mrs. Nelson said...

I'm sad you're leaving even though we don't see each other, but I love Trader Joe's too!

The Tame Gang said...

We couldn't be more thrilled about it!! Hope things are going smoothly with packing, etc. We'll see you in a few more weeks!