Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Josh on Dad's lap while he works.

Josh Sometimes likes to sit on my lap while I work... But he has a tough time sitting still.
Here is a stop motion video I made of a few minutes of our day.

A Day Trying to Work With Josh from Kevin Tame on Vimeo.


kjs3 said...

Maybe we could build a hamster wheel for him.
That's not child abuse is it?

One Blessed Chick said...
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One Blessed Chick said...

I love the video! He is constantly moving...wouldn't it be great to have that much energy?!? Oh what one could accomplished! LOL!

Tommy and Teisha said...

This is hilarious... I try to work with Tennyson too and it seems the same.

The Peterson's said...

Hey Beautiful! I am teaching Kindergarten at Hidden Hollow. I have not had internet for a while but should be back now! He is so cute!

Marce said...

so so so so cute. love this little bug! and seriously, i LOVED getting his b-day invite! wish we could make it.

miss you tons! wish we could've gotten together before we left...pleeeaaasseee, if you're ever in the bay area, call ME! we'd love to get together.

if not, i'll try and be in touch when we come and visit...but in case I never told you- my family is moving to Southern Cal in Nov.-- so coming to Utah won't be as regular as I thought :( sadness.

anyways, love you and hope all is well! sending you a hug.